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Seed Farm,Victoria

Farm Partnership Opportunity

I am looking for a full working partner in my (our) farm to grow it and increase the profit potential

Seed farm specialising in rare vegetable seed, and vegetable breeding program.

10 acres at Casterton, Vic,with potential to add more as more of the farm is able to be put under cultivation. Drip irrigation. Some of the farm is being put under shadecloth to protect tender crops from summer heat.

Rare vegetable seed

Regular and eager buyers for every seed and tuber the farm can produce. Selling to seed companies and market gardeners, and also a small online store -

Breeding program

Melon, zucchini and potato breeding programs. No, you don't have to know anything about breeding to apply.

This is an exciting opportunity - FREE, but if you are skeptical please note that the arrangement will be put in writing in a contract, and developed into a company when we make our arrangement permanent. If you need outside support with either finance or other business support please contact and join Cultivate Farms ( ). There is a small cost but they have independent help to get you into this partnership. All you need is passion and a love of farming.

Random Photos

Raising some beds for rhubarb
Mini Capsicums
oca beds under shadecloth
Shishigatani pumpkin
Yellow cherry guava

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