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Farm Partnership Opportunity

Announcing an “Apprentice to Owner” Program

for an Aspiring Farmer, Vegetable Grower,

or Green Thumb.

If you’re a green-thumb and the idea of owning a stake in a farm, or growing rare vegetables for a living interests you, then I have some news for you.

I have a 10 acre farm in Casterton, Victoria, where I grow rare vegetable seeds and tubers that I sell to heritage seed companies around Australia. I have regular and eager buyers for every seed and tuber the farm can produce. But I have a problem. The farm needs to increase production and I can’t do it on my own, so that’s where you come in.

The apprenticeship.

I’m looking to take on an apprentice who has interest in becoming a 50-50 partner with me in the business. The apprenticeship is 6 months unpaid, and also serves as a trial for a possible long term partnership. It’s part time, because you may need to work part time elsewhere during this period to cover your living costs.

This is no cheap labour arrangement, you will be involved in every aspect of the farm and business. You will learn a lot about growing vegetables, operating a small farm, and running a business that supplies rare seed wholesale. During this time we’ll see if you like the work and lifestyle, and if we get on well enough to be business partners.

It’s a trial, so you (or I) can opt out at any time during this period.

The person / possible partner.

I don’t care about your age, gender, sexual orientation, or heritage. Just that you have the physical and mental ability to farm, a desire to spend your time on a farm, and an interest in growing and breeding vegetables. We grow rare

vegetables here, so it’s suitable for someone curious and experimental (there’s some interesting science involved). An entreprenuerial mindset will be essential to embrace the ups and downs of business because it’s very different to typical paid employment (especially in farming).

The opportunity.

If all goes well, you’ll have the opportunity to “buy” into a farm with no money. The opportunity exists because the farm is stuck at current production levels, and the business is unable to capitalise on the demand for seed. I currently farm

4 acres (that’s all I can handle on my own), but with an extra pair of hands we can expand to 10 acres and triple production.

At current production levels the farm can’t afford a wage to employ another person (all current profits are invested back into farm infrastructure), so the “apprentice to ownership” program allows us to increase production at low cost

and provide an incentive for the right person (buying into a farm for no cost).

Giving away half the business (although scary) will be a big jump forward with the right partner.

How will it work?

1) Get in touch to say hi.

2) Ideally you’ll visit for a tour of the farm. We can meet, and see if we’re on the same wavelength.

3) Taking on the role will mean solving the issues of getting here and surviving the first 6 months - you’ll need accommodation and possibly part time paid work to pay your expenses (depending on your circumstances). Your ability to sort out these arrangements, and “make it work” will show your resourcefulness and enthusiasm for the opportunity.

To register your interest, or ask any questions, please call Rowan

on 0401 203447.

I’m excited to hear from you.


P.S. There is only one position available.

P.P.S. January is go-time for the farm. It’s when a lot of important activities are taking place, so it’s a great time to get started and fast-track your path to a possible full partnership with me.


10 acres at Casterton, Vic,with potential to add more as more of the farm is able to be put under cultivation. Drip irrigation. Some of the farm is being put under shadecloth to protect tender crops from summer heat.

Rare vegetable seed

Regular and eager buyers for every seed and tuber the farm can produce. Selling to seed companies and market gardeners, and also a small online store -

Breeding program

Melon, zucchini and potato breeding programs. No, you don't have to know anything about breeding to apply.

This is an exciting opportunity - FREE, but if you are skeptical please note that the arrangement will be put in writing in a contract, and developed into a company when we make our arrangement permanent. If you need outside support with either finance or other business support please contact and join Cultivate Farms ( ). There is a small cost but they have independent help to get you into this partnership. All you need is passion and a love of farming.

Random Photos

Raising some beds for rhubarb
Mini Capsicums
oca beds under shadecloth
Shishigatani pumpkin
Yellow cherry guava

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