About the farm and local area

The local area

 Casterton is situated in the Far West of Victoria. The climate is cold in winter and hot and dry in summer, with the rest of the year being mild. Most of our rain falls in July to September with sporadic fall during the year (650mm per annum). The Glenelg river flows through the town. here is some of our weather data: http://weather.mla.com.au/climate-history/vic/casterton

We are 100 km from the sea. 65km from the nearest cities (Mount Gambier, SA, and Hamilton, Vic). Many local forests for hiking.

The farm

  •  Irrigated with drip irrigation on all the beds
  • Poor sandy soil which has improved markedly on the areas under cultivation. Soil tests are done every year to keep on track.
  • Only four acres under cultivation at the moment with another six that can be farmed, but it is too much to do by myself. Opportunities to farm more blocks around the area as the farm expands. 
  • Eager buyers of all the seed and tubers that the farm can produce
  • Opportunities for other products such as fresh or dried flowers
  • Town water for the irrigation. It is expensive but reliable.
  •   Farm Website: www.gardenlarder.com.au

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