The type of person I am looking for as a partner

Thank you for reading my ad and coming to my website.

Do you want to get into small farming but don't have much money? My little farm is getting too big for me to handle by myself and I am looking for an equal business partner to help build it and take it forward. There is plenty of room for expansion and a lot of extra potential for sales and plenty of customer interest but I can't do it all by myself.

I am not looking for an employee or intern. I want a full business partner to share the business, help make decisions, take the risks and rewards with, grow the business. It will be a legal partnership that I hope to turn into a company.
I am in a bind - I have to expand my farm to make a profit and attract a partner, but I need a partner to expand my farm. This means that I need to find a partner who is more interested in future potential than immediate income, for now.

I am looking for someone who is easy to get along with and honest who will compliment my skills and add their own. The work is not physically hard and the hours are not long but it can be monotonous at some times of the year, especially when the weeds are growing strongly. Most of winter the farm is in down time so I take this time to go on holidays and take time off.

You must, of course, be able to move here, and find your own accommodation. There are houses for sale and rent here. There is also a caravan park if you prefer to bring a van to live in. 
You will also need some kind of income as I will need someone who is able to work on the farm (part time so you have time to earn an outside income to live on) and learn for 5-6 months before we make up our minds that this will work, we get along and we can then make a formal, legal commitment. Please don't be afraid that I just want someone for free work. I am taking a big risk here and we need to make sure we can work with each other.
We need the time to work out each others strengths and weaknesses as well as how well we work together and handle problems. This time will help you make up your mind whether this is really the type of business you want to go ahead with.

I won't lie to you, the farm is paying for itself but not making a wage yet, another person working will change that as we can triple production easily. All money the farm has made has gone into infrastructure so far.
Either party can cancel the arrangement during this period if it is not working out.

I don't care if you are old or young, what your sexual or gender orientation is, your heritage etc, all I care about is that you have the physical and psychological ability to farm, and that is what you want to do with your life.

I am easy to get along with so please call or email with questions or come and visit.

Required attributes:
Passionate about vegetable growing and small farming
Reliable and honest
Easy to get along with
Adaptable, flexible, but still with perseverance.
In it for the long run
Eager to learn and keep up with technology - if you love science it is a big bonus
No drugs or alcoholism
Curious and experimental

It would be handy if:
You are already familiar with horticulture
A good handy man/person
Neat and organised

I am wanting to give someone a go - like I would have liked when I was younger with no money to buy into a farm. 

I want someone who wants this opportunity bad enough that they can find a way to overcome the accommodation and money issues. Are you that person?
If so, come and meet me and look it over to see if this is what you want to get into.

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